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The easy way to make money. Earn money from subscriptions, premium posts and paid live streams. Subscriptions, Premium Content, Commissions, Live Streaming

Our features to develop your

Earn Money with Live Streaming

You can go live and share your moments with others instantly. Viewers send gift money to you when go live.

Video & Audio Calling

Peptle supports video and audio call with advanced chat features.

Donate Post

Users make donations to their favourite posts. You can earn donations more than once.

Online Market Sales

You can buy or sell product you like. You can make your payments with 6 different payment systems.

People Near By

You can see who’s nearby by using latitude, longitude & GPPS technology.

Generate Point System

Convert the point you earn into cash by adding new posts, comments, stories, and likes.

Marketing Profile Templates

Users who have opened an online store can purchase themes specific to their business.

Pep Up

Business Beyond Limits.

Empowering Life and Helping Build a Better Future World

Peptle Pvt Ltd is not a conventional company. Its a social enterprise operating model. We are working hand in hand with Earth Watch Corps and several other local and global non profitable enties. Our vision is to become a leading global entity where people can empower themselves and socialize through virtual connections and collaborative efforts which also offer an opportunity for accessing global knowledge, shaping the future and grow with changes. We commit to ensuring the promotion of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our planet and for present and future generations.

We would like to generate revenue to build better solutions for a better world, in which, that can map and empower each and every aspects of life.

Realizing Our Future Vision for the world

Our mission is to shape the future of world and to protect humanity by empowering people through connection, organized global knowledge and collaborative effort.

Our strategic goal is to empowering life through our business activities and to help solve a host of social issues.

Our mission is not only a business task for us, but it's a dream that we have dared to share and we appeal every supporting line agency and stakeholders to work together to success this mission for protecting humanity, our ultimate aim.